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About Us

When every woman awakes in the morning she must decide what to wear for the day. At Amia, we work to ensure that there is one part of her wardrobe that should not have to be decided – her shapewear. Because she knows that when she puts on Amia, that is the last time it will cross her mind. As she gets on with her busy day she will have long forgotten that she is wearing Amia, but hour after hour she will exude the confidence that she feels, allowing her to be her greatest self. 


We know that the relationship between a woman and herself is the most important one of her life and this drives our simple philosophy: Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin. Amia is designed to fit so seamlessly with your body that it is like a second skin, allowing you to focus on what matters to you in your day – everyday. 


We not only do things different, but better. We firmly believe that our innovative approach to design, unwavering attention to quality, and dedication to customer needs, all add up to something greater than an excellent product: that you will never have to settle for anything less than a day of complete comfort, free of the rolling, squeezing, and pinching of our competitors. 


Shapewear is more than our product. It is our obsession. And you can depend on Amia, not only to craft shapers with your body type in mind, but also to be here when you need us – because our dependable support goes beyond that of our unique products. We are dedicated to supporting an exceptional experience by assisting you in any way you need with the personalized service and tools that should expect in your shapewear team. And we promise, our dedication to you will not waiver because only when you look and feel great, do we succeed. 


Amia. Shaping everyday greatness.