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  • 5 Ways Every Woman Can Benefit from Shapewear

    Shapewear can Make You Feel and Look Great

    When many women think of reasons to wear shapewear, they imagine using it to squeeze into their form-fitting attire. While Amia's products will certainly help you look and feel your best in some of those special outfits, did you know that you can benefit in numerous other ways from wearing shapewear?


    Here are five surprising benefits to using compression technology that may convince you that you shouldn't go a day without wearing your favorite shapers!


    1. Posture Improvement

    In shapers that cover your midsection, you'll notice an immediate improvement in the way you sit and stand. That's because they are designed to hold your spine straight and keep your supporting muscles in place. This can be a great relief if you regularly suffer from back pain. If you sit behind a desk for long periods or spend all day working on your feet, you'll end the workday with more energy and strength to do what you love. You may also notice that you look and feel more confident every time you look in the mirror, as good posture is essential for a professional demeanor.


    2. Instant Shaping, Long-Term Benefits

    High-compression shapers like our Cincher and Panty Shaper can reduce your waistline by 1 to 4 inches – instantly. Add time, plus a healthy diet and active lifestyle, and you’re going to love how those immediate results help transform your long-term shaping goals as well.


    3. Muscle Strengthening

    Firm compression helps engage your muscles, so they're not idly resting when you're wearing your shaper. With regular use you may notice that your core, back, rear and thigh muscles gain strength. This is a great reason to wear shapers like our Toning Shorts during your workouts – to maximize muscle exertion.


    4. Efficient Blood Flow

    Many compression garments increase thermal activity in your skin, which helps increase blood flow. This can help to not only enhance your overall health, but also benefit your skin.


    5. Mental and Emotional Benefits

    Some mental health specialists recommend a treatment called deep pressure therapy. When you wear a midsection shaper, it can feel like you are receiving a hug. This can make wearers psychologically feel more secure, resulting in decreased generalized anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Furthermore, women who feel better about the way they look enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem.


    Surprised about the many benefits of shapewear? Believe it or not, this is only the short list. Numerous styles of shapewear offer many additional benefits, allowing you to choose garments that meet your individual needs and goals. Browse our collection to find the pieces best suited to shape your everyday greatness.

  • Where Great Women Begin

    At AMIA, we love two things: shapewear and supporting women. It is that passion that lies behind this shapewear line. Our shapers were created to support a healthy lifestyle plan and create an over all longer and leaner silhouette the moment you put one on. And most importantly we believe all women deserve to feel confident, curvy and comfortable right now. We know that feeling your best from head to toe changes everything. The right shaper works from the outside in. Yes, you look better when you wear an AMIA shaper, but what’s important is the way you feel. Head high, standing tall and confident, you know that you can do anything. We wanted to share that feeling with you. And after months of designing and testing this line, one thing is for sure:


    When we wear AMIA Shapewear, we feel great.


    And that’s the point of all this. AMIA is a company by, for and of great women. We can’t wait to share the way we feel every day with the rest of you. And more than the products that we’ve created, we are proud to have been the place where so many great women began. We know that creating confidence is the key to supporting great women. But we know that confidence isn’t all that women need. AMIA wanted to make sure that our work benefited women in many ways. That’s why we decided to partner with The Women's Alliance, an organization that helps provide professional attire and career training to low income women. $1 from every sale benefits their mission. We’re proud to share our passion for shapewear and service to our community with you. Thank you for standing with us as we support women everywhere. It is because of you that AMIA really is where great women begin.

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